We are proud to have Blue Cross Arena be a mobile ticketing venue:

  • Mobile ticketing is the safest, most convenient, and flexible way to receive and manage tickets.
  • Mobile tickets provide quick and easy entry to Blue Cross Arena using your smartphone.
  • Mobile ticketing reduces the risk of lost, stolen, counterfeit or forgotten tickets.



How do I access my tickets?

Use the My Amerks Tickets tab on our website, located under the Tickets dropdown menu or visit Amerks.com/MyTickets.

Once there, login by clicking the account icon in the upper right: sign in using your email address associated with your ticket or season ticket purchase.


Select the event you want to view.

MT5.pngSelect the seat you want to view.

MT6.pngOnce selected, you can have your ticket scanned at the gate, transferred to a friend, or saved to your phone's wallet.

Please note: screenshots will never be accepted as a ticket.

Can I have multiple tickets on a single phone?

Yes; however, it's much easier to transfer each attendee their individual ticket. Transferring tickets provides:

  • A way for all ticket holders to obtain event updates during an event, if applicable.
  • Accessibility to their seat information at all times.
  • An easy way to enter the venue without having to wait for your friends and family.

Can I print my ticket from home?

No. All tickets are fully digital and only accessible via your mobile device. Your phone is your ticket.

When should I download my ticket?

We recommend that you download your tickets at least 24 hours before the event. If you have an iPhone, you can store your tickets in your Apple Wallet. If you have an Android device, you can store your tickets in your Google Pay Wallet

How do I transfer tickets?

You can transfer tickets via email address by access the My Amerks Tickets tab under the Tickets menu or Amerks.com/MyTickets.

Anyone who is having tickets transferred to them will need to create an account to accept the ticket transfer.

Does the person I send the tickets to need to create an account?

If they don't have an account already they will create upon accepting the ticket transfer.

What if my entire party isn't with me when I'm ready to enter?

You can easily transfer each member their ticket individually since each person entering will need a ticket to get in.

What if my phone breaks, dies, or is lost/stolen before I arrive?

Simply come to the box office, present your ID and we'll print your tickets for you (service fee may apply).

What if I lose WiFi/network connection and can't access my tickets?

  • We encourage all fans to download their tickets to your supported device before heading to any game. If you use an iPhone, you can store your game ticket in your Apple Wallet for easy access or any equivalent app on an Android phone.
  • If still having issues upon arrival please head to our Will Call booth located to the left of our box office windows and a member of service team will be happy to assist you.

Can I enter my event with a screenshot of my ticket?

No. Your barcode includes leading-edge technology with fraud and counterfeit protection, so you won’t be able to use screenshots or printouts. When you arrive at your event, use Account Manager or your mobile wallet to locate your tickets. Your phone is your ticket, which you’ll show to the ticket scanner, get your phone scanned – and you’re in!


Phone: (585) 454-5335

Email: [email protected]