Oct 11, 2022

By Suzie Cool


The challenging part about being a professional athlete is the realization that professional sports is a business and that anything can happen on any given day.


Take for instance forward Mason Jobst, who not only was traded late last season, but ultimately made his way back to the organization for a second opportunity with the team that traded him, a rarity for most.


“I realized when I got the phone call, I was actually at Dick's Sporting Goods picking up some golf clubs, and it was rather shocking,” explained Rochester Americans forward Mason Jobst when asked how he found out he was being traded last season. “I'm not sure that I was aware at all, but that's kind of the business that we're in. I was obviously a little disappointed because I loved my time here, but that's just the way she goes sometimes.”


Amidst the American Hockey League trade deadline last season, Jobst found himself as a last-second move for Rochester.


At this point last season, the Amerks were literally on the cusp of a playoff spot and in dire need of a stabilizing blueliner. Unfortunately, that role wasn’t on Jobst’s resume, however, his skillset was needed in San Jose. The deal became official on March 28 when acquired veteran defenseman Mark Alt from the San Jose Barracuda in exchange for Jobst.



A move that wasn’t easy for anyone, especially Jobst, who just got cleared to play after missing three months due to an upper-body injury.


“It was a pretty unique situation because I hadn't played in three months because of my injury,” stated Jobst when asked about what goes into making a move across the country with a month of the regular season left. “So, I was now going to a new team and playing for the first time in a while, almost since Christmas, and that was at the forefront of my mind. Usually, you look for guys on the team that you've crossed paths with either in pro hockey or college or junior or somewhere like that and, surprisingly, I didn’t really have anyone on the team that I had crossed paths with. So that was a unique situation, but everyone was welcoming when I got there, and it was an easy transition.”


Two days after being traded and Jobst was immediately thrown into the lineup with San Jose for a 10 a.m. Kids Day matinee. That was the first of 11 games for Jobst with the Barracuda, where the forward went on to register two more points to round out the 2021-22 campaign.


Shortly after San Jose’s season ended on Apr. 23, Jobst made his way back to the Flower City to pick up the rest of his belongings he left behind and cheer on his former team as the Amerks closed out the regular season and embarked on their 2022 Calder Cup Playoff run.


“I actually made it back here the last game of the season,” commented Jobst when asked if he kept up with Rochester during the postseason. “I got to see everyone, which is kind of nice because I didn't get to say a formal goodbye to the whole team. It was the really big game where it was a must-win to get into the playoffs, and then of course I followed along during the during the run wishing that I was still a part of it.”



While in Rochester, Jobst appeared in 26 games, tallying 13 points on four goals and nine assists. Although Jobst’s playing time with the Amerks was cut short due to injury, he was a critical piece to the culture in the locker room.


So critical that when Jobst left for San Jose everyone from Amerks head coach Seth Appert to his teammates were visibly upset.


“I'm not really sure, but I felt very loved when I broke the news to everyone about what was going on. That was pretty comforting,” said Jobst when asked if he was expecting that emotional of a reaction from his teammates and the Rochester coaching staff. “I think everyone wants to feel like they are wanted in some way, so it made me feel happy. I was obviously disappointed to leave, but I love the guys here. I love the staff here. Last year that was the hardest part about the whole thing.”


Lucky for Jobst, the feeling was mutual and the impression the forward had made on the Rochester staff last year was enough to earn him another one-year AHL deal back with the Amerks for the 2022-23 campaign on July 14, 2022.


In 100 career AHL games with Rochester, San Jose, the Bridgeport Islanders and the Binghamton Devils, Jobst, who is entering his fourth professional season, has totaled 15 goals and 23 assists for 38 points. Jobst looks to continue to add to these totals this year as the Amerks kick off their 67th season in the AHL Friday against the Toronto Marlies.


And Jobst feels Rochester is exactly where he’s supposed to be.


“Like I said, I really enjoyed the staff and the guys here and everything that Buffalo has going. I believe in the team and what they're doing with the process. So, it was kind of a no-brainer. I know it seems like a weird situation. People were like, ‘They traded you, why would you want to go back there?’. I don't know, maybe from the outside that's the way it looks, but from the inside, I felt like I was still wanted, and I wanted to be here.”

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