May 14, 2021

This season, we're recognizing the local healthcare workers and first responders on the frontlines against the COVID-19 pandemic as part of a season-long segment called Honoring the Frontline, presented by Honda.

This week we’re honoring the entire team at St. Ann’s Community, who all have a hand in caring for some of the most important people on earth.

St. Ann’s Community is Rochester’s leading senior housing and health services provider, committed to helping older adults and their loved ones live their life to their fullest potential. 

The staff at St. Ann’s are true healthcare heroes, and just like hospitals, nursing homes and their care workers have been on the front lines of the public health crisis. This recognition includes all employees, at all five communities, which stretch across Monroe, Ontario, and Genesee County. During a time of incredible uncertainty, the St. Ann’s staff worked day in and day out to care for residents.

From everyone who works in Human Resources to IT, Social Work to Finance, and everyone in between, there were no work-from-home days as these essential employees worked to support their fellow coworkers daily.

While visitation was put on hold for over a year, the staff of St. Ann’s Community combated resident loneliness by creating opportunities for social interaction and engagement through an employee-based buddy program. Residents paired with a staff member from all departments who visited frequently to brighten their day and help them keep connected with family by video or phone. Hundreds of employees took part in the buddy program. While visitation is back, and residents can now see their families, this bond formed between residents and staff will last a lifetime.  

All teams worked together to create a new approach for keeping everyone’s social and spiritual needs engaged, while also following social distancing protocols.

The staff of St. Ann’s Retirement Communities – Cherry Ridge, Chapel Oaks, and The Greens –  all stepped in and worked together to make sure every day was special for residents. This included birthday parades, window and ‘walk through’ parties, themed days, and so much more. Aerobic classes were scheduled down the hallways of apartments, and door-to-door celebrations became the norm.

The St. Ann’s Environmental Services, often working behind the scenes, worked tirelessly to combat the spread of COVID. From the classical cleaning and disinfecting, to becoming experts in the latest disinfectant technology in disease prevention, St. Ann’s depends on its Environmental team to keep residents and staff safe.

The kitchen and dining teams, serving over 3,000 meals a day to residents and feeding 1,200 staff members, completely redesigned their model of service without sacrificing quality or efficiency. At Chapel Oaks, the dining team went as far to create a full service pizzeria, offering free delivery to residents, so that they never felt bored with their food options.

As a true community, the staff at St. Ann’s linked arms when the residents needed them most.

Last, but certainly not least, St. Ann’s Community wants to wish all who have chosen a career in nursing and healthcare a Happy National Nurses Week!

The Rochester Americans and upstate Honda dealers thank the staff at St. Ann’s Community as well as all other first responders and frontline workers for their service.

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