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Rochester Americans Pregame Ice

Pregame Ice - Our Pregame Ice package offers an hour and a half of ice time prior to our games. During this time, you can use the ice for a range of activities, including energetic team practices, exciting and fun open skates, head-to-head scrimmages, and even league games! The ice is yours in this group experience, and you can make the most of this exhilarating opportunity! The Pregame Ice Package requires a purchase of 125 tickets.

Rochester Americans Bench Buddies

Bench Buddies - The Bench Buddies package offers you and your group the unique opportunity to sit on the Amerks’ bench during game warm-ups, letting you see the action up close! You also get the chance to interact with the team, both in a group and one-on-one. This package truly lets you make a few buddies from the bench in the barn! The Bench Buddies package requires a minimum purchase of 50 tickets.

Rochester Americans Tunnel Team

Tunnel Team - Our exciting Tunnel Team package allows you and your group to be part of one of the most exciting aspects of the game-night experience! As you stand out on the ice, the Amerks’ players will make their entrance, skating so close you could almost touch them! You also get to stand tall with our Amerks during the performance of the National Anthem. Help support our team from up close! The Tunnel Team package requires a minimum purchase of 50 tickets.

Rochester Americans Honda Shootout

Honda Shootout - In the Honda Shootout package, you’ll be able to show off your puck-handling skills in the second intermission. Compete against other teams in a head-to-head shootout. The winning team receives a special prize that will ensure you never forget this one-of-a-kind experience! The Honda Shootout package requires a minimum purchase of 50 tickets.

Rochester Americans Intermission Skate

Intermission Skate - Our Intermission Skate package gives you and your group the exciting opportunity to skate on the ice during the first or second intermission! This package gives you several options: you can enjoy the fun of a free skate, the exciting competition of a shootout, the head-to-head fun of a scrimmage in front of a packed arena, or even the heart-pounding performance of figure skating or ice dancing! The Intermission Skate package requires a minimum purchase of 50 tickets, and also allows you to sell “Stars” for your group or organization. Half of the money you raise selling “Stars” for the Star Toss goes back to your group or organization!

Rochester Americans National Anthem Performance

National Anthem Performance - Our National Anthem Performance package allows you to bring your school group, church group or other organization to the Amerks’ arena where they will be able to showcase their talents and patriotism by performing the National Anthem prior to an Amerks game! You’ll have the choice between performing on the ice or from the comfort of your seats, depending on the size of your group!

Rochester Americans Party Decks

Party Decks - The Party Deck Package is one of the best ways to experience Amerks hockey! You’ll have standing room only at the glass-level, where you can take in all the action up close and enjoy a cash bar. Catering is also available. We offer reserved seating above our Party Deck level as well. Amerks Party Decks do require a minimum purchase of 20 tickets.

No Ticket Minimums:

Rochester Americans Color Guard

Color Guard - Our Color Guard package allows you and your group to carry the American Flag out during the National Anthem and display it for the entire arena to see. You’’ be on the ice, just like the players! There is a no-ticket minimum for this package.

Rochester Americans Suites

Suites - Take in Amerks Hockey with an exclusive suite experience, in both 20 and 40-person packages. Enjoy all the action from the comfort of our private suites, where there are bar and catering options to suit your needs!

Rochester Americans Intermission Performance

Intermission Performance - Amerks Hockey offers an Intermission Performance package, where your group – whether it be a fan club, dance group, skating club, and more – can perform on the ice, just like the Amerks! Let the crowd go wild as you show off your skills!

9/26/2019 7:00 PM / Rochester, NY
Syracuse Crunch vs. Rochester Americans