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By Suzie Cool (@SuzKewl) | Published on April 30, 2020

One of the toughest parts about the current situation that we’re all experiencing as of late is the loss of social interaction with people that we’re so used to communicating with and seeing on a daily basis, especially those within the workplace.

Just like pretty much every other industry, the sports world has been shut down well over a month now. This includes the Rochester Americans and the suspension of their 2019-20 season, ultimately forcing the staff, players and coaches to take refuge in their respective hometowns trying to adjust what seems to have become our new reality while anxiously awaiting the return of the game of hockey here in Rochester.

For Amerks assistant coach Gord Dineen, one of the biggest things that he’s missing the most about his day-to-day lifestyle in Rochester just happens to be those daily interactions with his second family here at The Blue Cross Arena.

“I think just that daily interaction – these players, the staff and the people we interact with on a daily basis become a second family. I care deeply about the and not being able to interact with them on a one-on-one basis is one of the things that I get the biggest joy out of when I’m coaching.”

Once the players and coaches were told to return to their offseason homes, Dineen made his way to a lake house in Geneva with his girlfriend, Patty. Since then, he hasn’t taken much down time from his job as he’s trying to keep his mind sharp in the hopes of a return by watching lots of film and communicating with his peers to formulate ideas for the future.

Although a different scenario than the players, the Amerks assistant coach has also been taking part in coaching seminars in order to stay game-ready for the time being.

“I’ve been taking part in some coaching seminars that the NHL Association has been putting on and getting some ideas and interacting with other coaches. These coaches are sharing their ideas and it’s been really beneficial on that side of it to be able to keep your mind sharp and in the game.”

We’re all still holding high hopes that the season could make a comeback and your Amerks could finish up their 2019-20 campaign, but the fate of the season remains to be seen. All that we can continue to promise is that the Amerks players and coaches are as adamant as you are about making a return sooner rather than later.

But as this time presents itself as a challenge to be in the best physical shape possible, individuals like Dineen are keeping their minds as sharp as can be for when the Amerks are able to take the ice again, as the mental aspect of the game is at times more important than the physical.

Continuing with the trend, we can leave you with a message from Dineen to all of the fans longing for the return of a game we all love and miss:

“We certainly miss our fans, the interactions with them in Rochester and being able to put a product for them out on the ice that they enjoyed. Let’s get through this, stay safe, take care of yourself and your loved ones. We’ll see you soon and we will be stronger because of this.”