Blogs | 10/24/2011 8:41:16 PM | Don Stevens

It was a tough weekend, but a fun one to watch.  Disappointments, yes.  High points, yes.   

Last Friday, the Amerks came from behind with five minutes to go against Hamilton, tying the game and sending it all the way to the shootout.  It went to eight rounds in the shootout and resulted in a disappointing loss, but a very exciting game.

Last Saturday, on the road in Toronto, the Amerks outplayed the Marlies pretty much all the way, except for the final minute-and-a-half, and then a letdown.  It was a very exciting 58 minutes for Amerks fans, and then a disappointment.

Sunday night versus Adirondack marked the third game in three days – and the seventh game in 11 days.  Despite an early goal from each team, the first period was slow, but the team then found a second wind in the second and third periods.  For the final 40 minutes, the Amerks outshot the Phantoms 25-11, and 34-16 overall in the game.  So definitely they worked their tails off and had many chances to tie the game, but they ran into a very hot goalie.  Jason Bacashihua was a brick wall and took away First Star honors for the game.  It was a disappointing loss, but still they dramatically outplayed the opposition.  It was just one of those nights… it happens, and it’ll happen again.   

Looking back over the past several years, what were we all hoping for?  A hard-working, entertaining team… isn’t that right?  What do we have right now? A hard-working, entertaining team.

Of course, the more we get, the more we want… it’s just natural.  Now we also want them to win every game.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen.  The best teams in the history of the league have lost games.  We know that because the Amerks have been the spoiler and beaten some of those great teams.    

The thing is that with a young team and all new coaches and systems, it’s going to take time to grow.  From what I see, this team will continue to grow.  They are already entertaining us, and if they continue to work as hard as they are, the wins will begin to come more often.   Remember… it’s who’s there at the end that counts.


- Still have to cut down on the turnovers in their own end and the ones that lead to the odd-man rushes.  But doesn’t every team have the same problem?

- The power play has to figure out a way of penetrating a good defense. But doesn’t every team have the same problem?

- Penalty killing has been excellent… discard the first game and they have killed off 24 of 26 opposition opportunities.    If they continue that pace for the season, it’ll help win a lot of games.

- Our games Friday and Sunday were televised and I thought it went very well.  The product looked excellent, from what I could see, and I’ve heard many positive comments.  The next telecast will be November 6th, which is also the next Amerks home game.

- Two on the road this week, and two more on the road next week.  The coaches will actually have some time to work on things.  Starting today, as I write this (Monday, 10/24), they’ll be able to practice nine of the next 11 days.  And that was one of the reasons for shortening the AHL schedule from 80 to 76 games… to give the teams more practice time.  So we’ll see if they are able to make some of those necessary adjustments.

- Here’s an oddity… the Amerks haven’t won a game when they’ve outshot the opposition (0-3-0-1).   Should they stop shooting so much?  I don’t think so.

- Only one of the next six games is within the division, and for that matter the conference.   After Thursday against Hamilton, the following five games will be against Binghamton (3) and Syracuse (2).

VS.  Lake Erie Monsters  
 October 09, 2015 - 07:05 PM 1 2 3F
 Lake Erie Monsters 1 2 03
 Rochester Americans 3 0 36